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   25 years of income of the Keren Kayemet Leisrael (5662-5687) according to regions of the world. World encompassing graphic report of the KKL-JNF – From 1927
In 1960, the Israel Lands Administration was established to administer all the state lands and since then, KKL-JNF has focused upon preparing land for settlement, tourism enterprises and residence for new Olim, as well as forestation, paving roadways, assisting the water sector, constructing reservoirs and dams, environmental restoration and landscape cultivation, de-desertification and restoration of Israel's streams. In addition to this, KKL-JNF operates a broad system for Zionist education, whose purpose is to strengthen the bond between Jewish youth in Israel and in the diaspora.
In 1962, a covenant was signed between the State of Israel and KKL-JNF, which settled the transfer of lands to the Israel Lands Administration and emphasized that – KKL-JNF shall continue to operate, as an independent institution of the World Zionist Organization, among the Jewish public in Israel and the Diaspora, raising funds for the redemption of land from desolation and conducting informational and Zionist-Israel educational activities. The Government shall extend assistance to the KKL-JNF in informational and propaganda activities in Israel and abroad.

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