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    Two posters of Keren Hayesod. One is from 1949 – which was published on the one-year anniversary to the State of Israel. The other – is from the Sixties
The building was inaugurated after two years in October 1934, with a formal visit of the President of the World Zionist Organization at the time, Nahum Sokolow.
The incomes of Keren Hayesod from donations and campaigns throughout the Jewish World, and later in the Land of Israel as well, funneled millions of dollars, pounds sterling, French Francs, Swiss Francs and more into the Zionist enterprise. In the Land of Israel, the Jewish Agency distributed the funds for first primary national goals. For example, in 5706 (1945/1946), two years before the establishment of the state, Keren Hayesod's funds were distributed (in Palestine Pounds which were equal to Pounds Sterling) as follows: A total of 6.5 million Palestine Pounds, of which about 25% were for Aliya and absorption of Holocaust survivors; a similar amount – for agricultural settlement; the labor and housing areas – 16%; national organization and security (in other words, to the "Haganah") – 16%; education and culture – about 11%; much lower amounts were allocated to commerce and industry, social work and administrative expenses, interest and miscellaneous. Two years later, in the tumultuous year of 5708-1948, the year of the War of Independence, a large share of the security budget came from Keren Hayesod's resources. In the winter of 1948, Keren Hayesod was dealt a heavy blow, when a car bomb driven by the Arab driver of the American Consulate was detonated near its offices in the National Institutions Building. 12 men and women perished in the disaster, including the Chairman of Keren Hayesod, Leib Yaffe. Given the present needs, the employees of Keren Hayesod grit their teeth and carried on with their work. The building

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