P. 145

   A joint photo of some of the leaders after their release with Golda Meyerson at the front of the National Institutions Building. From Left to Right: Moshe Shertok, David Hacohen, unknown, Yitzhak Gruenbaum, Dov Yossef
the curfew declared upon the Agency building's surroundings was lifted, and that there was no curfew on Jerusalem.
Thus, the affair of the capture of the National Institutions Building by the British military and police had come to an end. In the following days, many residents of Jerusalem went there to look closely at what was done in it after the evacuation. In the complex relationship between the Jewish Yishuv and the British Government in those days of struggle and tension of the Summer of 1946, the British invasion of the most important Jewish building in the Land of Israel is considered a scar that has not healed easily.

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