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   A photo from a nearby rooftop
The names of the other fatalities from that same atrocious assassination: Shmuel Dov Spitzer, Eliezer Itzhak Weil, Joseph Nazari, Tamar Geller-Neuman, Michael Goldenberg, Chaim Gur-Arieh, Aliza Lasker, Chai Zaken Polatoff, Michal Raami -Berlin, Yossef Margalit and Israel Vald.
About 500 employees and visitors were in the building at the time, and about a quarter of them were injured to various degrees of severity. Many of those injured were employees of the various offices and passersby. Some of them were well-known public figures: The Director of the Palestine Broadcasting Service Edwin Samuel, the son of the first High Commissioner Herbert Samuel; Reuven Zaslani (Shiloah), a senior official of the Jewish Agency's Political Department; Dr. N.M. Gelber, worker of the Zionist Archive; Dr. Walter Eytan, Principle of the Jewish Agency's Public Service College and later the Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Israel's ambassador to France; and Aura Herzog, the young wife of the Agency's Security Officer, Chaim Herzog, later President of the State of Israel. We shall tell of her injuries later on.
Only one member of the Executive of the Jewish Agency ("the nascent government", as it was called after the establishment of the state) was in the building during the explosion – Yitzhak Gruenbaum. The others were engaged in their activities outside of the building – in the Land of Israel and abroad:

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