P. 185

  Dr. Gamzu's son is Yossi Gamzu, the renowned poet and lyricist. The letter is curated by the Central Zionist Archive (CZA) and its number is KHh/3664.
 What more would I write to you? The heart aches and the grief is so dark.
I sent him a letter on Thursday and upon leaving the museum, I was told of the sudden disaster.
I asked that my letter be returned to me, as no one would receive it.
I know how much you loved him and how dedicated you were to him, and it is possible that a large share of our friendship was dependent upon our shared love, our admiration of Leib Yaffe. May his memory be blessed and may his soul be bound up in the bond of everlasting life, that teems from every clod of earth, every brick, every house and cabin in the homeland.
Dr. Haim Gamzu

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