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   Speaker of the First Knesset - Yosef Sprinzak
There was great excitement in Jerusalem and throughout the entire country. The newspaper "Haaretz", a usually conservative and reserved newspaper, went wild. "A lofty state occasion," described with enthusiasm reporter Asher Lazar:
Jerusalem has never known a holiday such as yesterday's holiday. The President of the State Council, the Prime Minister, the government's ministers, the chief rabbis and commanders of the Israel Defense Forces came together from all over the country to the festive session of the Constituent Assembly. The conference hall of the Jewish Agency, which only recently rose from its ruins, expanded and improved – was not big enough to contain all the notable personages and leaders, representatives of the Constituent Assembly, Justices of the Supreme Court and Presidents of the District Courts from the entire country.
After Weizmann's statements, Cabinet Secretary Ze'ev Sherf announced that all 114 representatives of the Constituent Assembly (6 were absent) would be asked to make a declaration of allegiance

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