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    The Heads of the Student Unions Spring into Action
In Israel of the late Sixties, there was restiveness in various circles due to insufficient action being taken for the "imprisoned Jewry," as it was defined by former Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. The glove was picked up by the leaders of the National Union of Israeli Students Yona Yahav (later the Mayor of Haifa), Avi Plaskov and Zvi Raviv. The first two were invited in the spring of 1969 to meet a group of new Olim from Russia, leaders of the struggle for Aliya who had already been to Israel, and following this meeting, they began mobilizing the students in the various universities. Zvi Raviv organized a large demonstration at the Hebrew University, and its live broadcast on the noon report of "Kol Yisrael" brought news of the students' activities to nearly every home in Israel. This did not please several individuals in government, who preferred operating quietly. The student leaders announced that they would continue the struggle. "Nativ" also had reservations from such noisy activity. Advertising that the three had initiated in the student magazines were largely disqualified by the Censorship, with black splotches appearing instead of the disqualified segments. This move only fanned the flames.
 The signatures of the 18 Georgian families at the end of their letter

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