P. 25

   The square in front of the National Institutions Building filled a key role in celebratory events, demonstrations and conversely, funerals. Here: The ceremony for the gathering of the first fruits in the Forties. Please note the quote of Bialik "Without land, our revival is not real"
Jerusalemites gathered in the courtyard, in the nearby streets and on the rooftops of houses in view of the courtyard and celebrated nonstop for twenty hours, until the evening hours of November 30.
In this context, we should note the long balcony on the second floor, which has been compared by some to the balcony of the Kremlin in Moscow. The leaders of the Yishuv, chief rabbis and additional prominent persons stood on the balcony in Jerusalem during assemblies and rallies that took place on the courtyard below, and made speeches from it to the many people gathered.
A special chapter in the book is dedicated to the Central Zionist Archive, which anyone seeking to study the history of Zionism and the history of the Jewish Yishuv in the Land of Israel prior to

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