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   The "Peel Commission" upon its arrival in the Land of Israel, November 1936
in the Land of Israel and to offer a solution for the ongoing quagmire in the Holy Land. As we know, the Commission was the first to propose a partition plan, within the framework of which a small Jewish state on about a quarter of the territory of the Land of Israel (the northern part and the coastal plane up to Be'er Tuvia), and a large Arab state that would amalgamate with Transjordan. Jerusalem and the corridor from Jerusalem to Jaffa were supposed to remain under British Control. Shertok conveyed to Ben-Gurion the details of the parties' positions on the issue of partition by way of a "riddle":
The clerk in the capital of the land of Chaldeans [the British Ambassador in Baghdad, Sir Archibald John Kerr Clark] whose name is the same as our friend, the Head of the Men of Freedom [the leader of the Liberal Party in England, Archibald Sinclair] telegrammed to the gates of the garden of Eden [the Foreign Office in London, then headed by Anthony Eden] on matters spoken between him and the wisdom of Solomon [Hikmat Sulayman, Prime Minister of Iraq]. And this is what wisdom spoke: His brethren who are with us

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