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   The inauguration of the Nitzana Youth Village, 1986. At the center of the photograph, from right to left, Eli Amir and Simcha Dinitz, Chairman of the Jewish Agency. On the right of the photograph: Lova Eliav
vicinity, assistance in archeological digs in the region, emphasizing life in the Negev, a pre-military preparatory program, environmental studies and more.
Nitzana was and still is a loadstone for visitors from all corners of the country and from all circles of the population. New Olim and tourists also visit there. Dozens of men and women, mostly youths, work there as educators and instructors for whom the vision of settling the Negev is imprinted within them and who continue to walk Lova's path.
Nitzana is defined as: "Settlement Educational Community." In addition to all of the aforesaid, several irregular tracks are also offered:
The "Tikkun Olam" boarding facility intended for Bedouin youth.
Solar Park, where you can learn of all the innovations in renewable and green energy.
A science seminar that follows the sun, which the Negev has an abundance of.
An empowerment center intended for children and teens who suffer from serious illnesses and those who are in the recovery stages.
The "Extreme Journey" Plan intended for youth making Aliya and for North American youths
and which combines sport in the desert, Hebrew studies, trips throughout the country, familiarization with the Israeli culture, professional training and more.

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