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Atar called upon leaders of KKL-JNF to join this challenging journey, which according to him, "a life- altering and transformative plan such as 'KKL-JNF 2040' is unprecedented since the establishment of the State of Israel. Together we can create a new and much more prosperous Israel for the Jewish people everywhere."
Keren Hayesod Holds the Most Prestigious Event in the Jewish World – The ILR
An afternoon prayer in the court of the King of Spain; the Russian President speaking of 100 years of Keren Hayesod's operations; the Italian Prime Minister bursting in song as part of a celebratory dinner. Where can all these special events occur?
Only at the conference of the International Leadership Reunion, known as the ILR. For almost forty years, the ILR Conference was held every two years in one the world's cities, in which participated the most generous of donors to the State of Israel, under the auspices of Keren Hayesod, in cooperation with the JFNA organization, which operates with the Federations in the United States.
In recognition of their generosity, Keren Hayesod gives these donors a unique experience, which symbolizes Keren Hayesod's status as a global family, which connects the donors that share the values of mutual guarantee and strengthening Israel and the People of Israel.
The ILR events took place in Paris, London, Rome, Washington DC, Cape Town, Sydney, Madrid, Toronto, Jerusalem – and recently in Moscow as well. Among the speakers in the ILR conferences were the King of Spain, US Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, Russian President Vladimir Putin, the President and Prime Minister of Italy, the Prime Ministers of Spain and Canada, United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, the French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde and Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Elie Wiesel and F. W. de Klerk. Particularly memorable was the appearance of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who appeared in the Washington Conference of 1995, a few months before his murder.
In the celebratory meeting in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, among other things: "I am truly and sincerely happy to greet you in this international event of the Keren Hayesod in Moscow. Your fund has operated for 100 years now and is considered one of the most influential Jewish organizations and its contribution to the establishment of the Jewish State, to Jewish Activity throughout the world and in aid on issues of education, science and culture is great."

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