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  For 53 years, the Central Zionist Archive was an integral part of the National Institutions Building
Yigal Sitry*
The history of the Central Zionist Archive, one of the residents of the National Institutions Building in Jerusalem for over fifty years, begins in 1934, when the building was still under construction. However, this is its history in the Land of Israel. This was preceded by 14 years in Germany, which began in 1919.
"I was brought up to a narrow room that had previously served as a bathroom. There were dozens of folders and a big pile of paperwork in the room, and I was told: This is the archive." This what Dr. Georg Herlitz, who headed the archive for decades, wrote
* Dr. Yigal Sitry is the Director of the Central Zionist Archive. He was assisted in finding the materials by archive employees Suzanne Berns, Guy Jamo, Ayelet Hallel Cohen-Orgad, Giora Katz, Simone Schliachter and Amiel Shefer.
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