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   A huge treasure of files, documents, photographs and certificates – A view of one of the Zionist Archive's Storerooms when it was in the National Institutions Building in Jerusalem
for the Archive anything they published over the past few months and that, going forward, they make sure to send all their publications regularly. The address of the Archive is: POB 92, Jerusalem.
Dr. Bein – Chief Archivist
In December 1949, Dr. Bein set out on a long, 14-week journey through Europe, for the purpose of mapping out and saving the Jewish and Zionist archives that survived the Holocaust. In this journey, he represented the Zionist Archive but also the General Archive for the History of the Jewish People, as he was an executive member. A fat folder bearing the name "Dr. Bein's Journey to Europe to Gather Materials in 1949" (L33/1439) documents the course of the journey well, since

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