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   The "Atchalta" Exhibit (1941), which was presented in the National Institutions Building and then travelled to settlements throughout the Land of Israel
Dr. Michael Heymann's Period
In the Summer of 1971, Dr. Bein retired and was replaced by his talented disciple, Dr. Michael Heymann. Dr. Heymann headed the Archive for 19 years and at the core of his achievements are two apparent trends that are derived from his personality and skills. The first is the advancement and publication of historical research that is based upon archival materials. In this regard, it is worth noting the assistance he generously provided to the researchers. Heymann himself was personally involved in a long list of studies and publications. Prominent among them was the "Uganda Controversy" as well as the addition of exegesis to Herzl's journals in Hebrew, which were translated and edited by Joseph Wankert. In the second decade of his tenure as Archive Director, he dedicated most of his time to the construction of a permanent residence for the institution. In the late 1970s, the archive found it difficult to function due to overcrowding in the main compound of the National Institutions Building in Rehavia and the dispersal of many collections in nine

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