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In the winter of 1928, a competition was declared for planning the National Institutions Building in Jerusalem, which had drawn a great deal of interest among the small community of architects of the time. Dozens of architects submitted proposals, sometime even more than one proposal, and their perspectives are presented in the following pages.
The archival materials on the competition do not provide a complete picture of the participants. 29 proposals appear in the list that exists in the Central Zionist Archive and some of them submitted more than one proposal. Some of the names remain anonymous. 25 were positively identified. There were also cases in which two architects jointly submitted a proposal. Unidentified: Y. Shamivich, y. Brot or Borot, S. Sod Moriah and Boris Chachkes. The names are presented in alphabetical order.
  The Architectural Competition for Erecting the National Institutions Building

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