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 Israel Dicker (1898-1949)
Israel Dicker was born in Poland, in an area that was then controlled by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and studied architecture in Prague. He made Aliya in 1920 and after an additional period of study in Rome and in Prague, he returned and settled in Tel Aviv. He was involved for years in the erection of Complexes and neighborhood that were related to the Histadrut (the General Organization of Workers). Thus, he was among the planners of Kiryat Avoda (Holon today) and the Workers' Houses Cā€“ (the wing that faces Shpinoza Street) in Tel Aviv. In the late Thirties, he was editor of architectural journals. During World War II, he contributed to the planning and construction works of the British Army throughout the Middle East. He specialized in housing complexes and was chief engineer in the "Shikun" and "Shikun Ovdim" Companies. After the establishment of the state, he began working in the Labor and Construction Ministry as the Supervisor for the Housing Department, but passed away shortly after.
Trude Goldschmidt, also known as Gertrude Goldschmidt, and little is known of her. She studied architecture at the Superior Technical School for Architecture in Munich. She made Aliya in the Twenties and resided in Tel Aviv. A list of members of the Association of Engineers and Architects in the city appeared in the periodical "Yediot Tel Aviv" on June 18, 1936, which stated that she resided in the Poalim Bet Neighborhood. It is clearly known that she planned the "Beit HaIkar" in central Rehovot, which was one of the first buildings in the colony that was designed in the international style. Several sources mention that she worked alongside other architects, and the name of Mordechai Rosengarten was mentioned.
Zoltan Harmat, one of the modern architects in Jerusalem of the first half of the 20th Century. Born in Hungary, where he also completed his architectural studies, he made Aliya in 1924 and over the following years was involved in the erection of houses in Jerusalem's luxury neighborhoods. In the Talbiya Neighborhood (not far from the Prime Minister's current residence), he planned the houses of famed attorney Shalom Horowitz, accountant Isaiah Broida and Hana Salameh ā€“ from the wealthy of Arab Jerusalem ā€“ who was the chief agent for the vehicle company "General Motors" in the Land of Israel and Trans-Jordan. He was also involved in the planning of the Jerusalem Municipality Building on Jaffa Street. He planned an apartment building, on Ibn Ezra Street in the Rehavia Neighborhood, in which Eliezer Riger lived. After the establishment of the state, he planned the luxury Holy Land Hotel, which was also made famous by the nearby model of Jerusalem of the Second Temple period.
    Trude Goldschmidt (1890-1942)
    Zoltan Harmat (1885-1966)

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