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Photograph on the title page:
The National Institutions Building during the funeral of Theodor Herzl, August 1949. Source: The Central Zionist Archive. Coloring of the photograph: Avi A. Katz (Avitz) Image Processing: Ladymac Creative: Orna Yazkirovich & Leah Cohen
To Isaac Herzog, Chairman of the Executive of the Jewish Agency, for his initiative to publish this book. To Prof. Michael (Micha) Levin, Dr. Yigal Sitry and Dr. Tsevi Tsameret who contributed to three of the book's chapters; To the employees of the Central Zionist Archive who worked hard to locate and gather the photographs and certificates; To Omri Shalmon, CEO of the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites and to Idit Maidan for their support and assistance; To Boaz Dekel, Publisher of the Yehuda Dekel Library for hours and days of assistance and good advice; To Orna Yazkirovich and Leah Cohen from Ladymac Creative, who designed the book with talent and love; To Amos Yuval, who first came up with the idea for the book; To Sarit Nakash-Elbaz, Head of Bureau, Office of the Chairman of The Jewish Agency, for her highly valuable support, And lastly I give my thanks and blessings for all his good work to Eran Litvin, the book's researcher, without whom we could not come this far.

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