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  The Founding Declaration of the KKL-JNF Wing – The first of the wings that was built
The Executive adopted a decision in this spirit and it was proposed that they approach KKL-JNF, in order for it to delay the beginning of construction by a year. If it refused to do so, they must insist that the Technical Department of the Zionist Executive be involved in all stages of construction of the KKL-JNF Wing. A later discussion shows that the Zionist Executive invited the Chairman of the KKL-JNF, Menachem Ussishkin, to discover their intentions regarding the building, but he refused to appear at the discussion.
And indeed, the KKL-JNF, headed by the always energetic Ussishkin, would not agree to any delays and in the spring of 1929, the cornerstone was placed for the northern part of the building – The KKL-JNF Wing. In the midst of the holiday of Passover 5689, Jewish Jerusalem has celebrated the placing of the cornerstone to the building, and with it all the Jewish Yishuv in the Land of Israel. A large pavilion, decorated in greenery and national flags, was set up for the guests in an open area, not far from the nearby homes of the Rehavia Neighborhood. The architect Ratner's plan for the building was displayed on a large scale to the right of the stage.
Menachem Ussishkin opened the event. In his speech, he noted the years of talking about the need to leave the homes of strangers who host the National Institutions, and concentrate in a single

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