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   After the construction was completed – Two senior members of the Zionist Executive, Moshe Shertok (on the right) and Eliyahu Dobkin, on the roof of the building
Even before Ben-Gurion's arrival, the Agency's administration decided that the new building was not big enough for it and sought to expand it. At this stage, it was decided that a new wing would be erected in the rear of the building with 12 rooms – six on each floor.
And so it was, that during 1935 and towards the beginning of 1936, the erection of all three wings of the National Institutions Building was completed. First, as stated, it was decided that a separate building would be erected for the Jewish National Council, and a parcel of land was even purchased near the National Institutions Building. Eventually it was decided that the offices of the Jewish National Council shall remain within the premises of the National Institutions Building and it received part of the Keren Hayesod Wing.
From 1935 onward, the iconic image of the National Institutions Building has been known and as the years went by, it became a symbol of the "nascent government" of the "nascent state."
Over the years, changes and expansions were made to the building. Thus, a wing was added in 1937, behind the Keren Hayesod Wing. The financing was acquired by Keren Hayesod via a loan of 6,000 Palestinian Pounds from the "Migdal" insurance company. This wing also housed the

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