P. 126

   At the end of the fast – the fasters on their first appearance at the entrance to the Keren Hayesod Wing
They were informed that the British had granted permission for bringing all 1,014 from La Spezia to the Land of Israel, in two groups, at the expense of the visa quota for the following months. In light of this, it was unanimously decided to end the hunger strike.
Yitzhak Ben-Zvi and three of the hunger strikers – Golda Meyerson, Aharon Zisling and Yitzhak Verfel-Rafael – came out to the audience of thousands and announced that permission was granted for the La Spezia olim to make Aliya and that the hunger strike had ended. The huge audience responded with cheers and cries of "Free Aliya!" The singing of "Hatikva" bursting from thousands of throats was heard throughout the area.

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