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Thousands of Jerusalem's residents thronged to the Institutions Building' courtyard, in order to thank the leaders for their successful efforts to bring the Jewish immigrants of La-Spezia to the Land of Israel
government ministers. Eight others served as ministers and Knesset Members during Israel׳s first 25 years (David Remez, Aharon Zisling, Ya›akov Riftin, Nahum Nir [who also served as Speaker of the Knesset], Zalman Aran, Yehudit Simhonit, Yisrael Gurfinkel-Guri and Yitzhak Verfel-Rafael). Five of the 15 would sign the Declaration of Independence (David Remez, Golda Meir, Aharon Zisling, Nahum Nir and Modechai Shatner). As it turned out, that fast on the Seder night of 5706-1946, served as a highly important political springboard. Only a minority, five of the 15, would not be promoted.

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