P. 134

   Leaders of the Yishuv who were arrested in the morning of that sabbath and gathered at the Latrun Detention Camp. They were held there for four months. From left to right: David Remez, Moshe Shertok, Yitzhak Gruenbaum, Dov Yossef. Alongside them: Additional detainees. Rabbi Y.L. Fishman is absent from the photo
Building was not mentioned on the list of locations that were at risk of being searched. In this respect, the building's "capture" before dawn of June 29 was indeed a surprise.
In the afternoon of Friday June 28, 1946, an anonymous British officer arrived at the moshav of Kfar Azar, near the Tel Litvinsky (today Tel HaShomer) Army Camp, and delivered updated information: The comprehensive operation against the Yishuv will commence in less than 12 hours and will deploy across the entire Land of Israel. Among the planned detainees: Several commanders of the "Haganah" as well as several leaders of the Yishuv.
Some of the candidates for arrest acted quickly and disappeared. Others opted not to do anything and wait and see how events would play out. The following day, even before the sun rose, matters became clear: who was arrested and who was not, who the British searched for and could not find, who they searched for and found. Among those who evaded arrest by the British was the Head of the "Haganah" National (Civilian) Headquarters, Dr. Moshe Sneh, and among those arrested – several heads of the National Institutions. That had not known at the time that their offices in Jerusalem were supposed to be seized by the British at the same time they were arrested.

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