P. 172

   The Building – Minutes after the terrorist attack
him. In one of their conversations, it was agreed that he would also bring two machine guns. He had agreed and said that he would bring them before noon of March 11, 1948 to the courtyard of the National Institutions Building, concealed in the car of the American consulate. Polyakov waited for him and bragged to the guards at the barricading gate that he was expecting an important weapons shipment. The guards, who were required to report such an event to their commander, never did so.
When Anton Daud arrived in the consulate car, the guards opened the iron gates for him and he entered with his car all the way to the main entrance. Over the next few minutes, he behaved strangely: he threw a sack into Polyakov's hand and stated that the machine gun was in it, but if he wanted the second machine gun, then he needed to travel with him in his cab to the American Consulate. Polyakov did not check what he received (in retrospect, there was a jack in the sack), and he departed with Daud. The large American car remained there.
The compound's guards became suspicious at the sight of the abandoned car. They entered it, turned on the engine – the key was still in the ignition – and moved the car to an open field outside

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