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   The courtyard of the National Institutions Building, Thursday, March 11, 1948, at 10:00 AM
of the courtyard. It was here that they made two mistakes: The first – they only performed a superficial examination that revealed nothing; and the second – they did not report the suspicious car to their commander but rather returned it to the courtyard. Chaim Gur-Arieh, from the protective personnel responsible for the compound's security, decided to move the American car, since it blocked the passageway to the main entrance. He entered it, released the hand break, and the car slid down several meters near the Keren Hayesod Wing – then it exploded.
A third version was published in the evening edition of the "Yediot Maariv" Newspaper from March 11, i.e. about eight hours after the incident, which began with the entry of the American car in the guarded compound of the National Institutions. According to this version, the consulate driver along with several other people brought in two crates into the National Institutions Building and bolted. According to this version, which was published by the (British) Government Press Office, the car had been stolen that morning from the courtyard of the American consulate...
A fourth version was presented by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins in their best-selling book "O Jerusalem!" – on the holy city and its tales in 5708-1948. According to this version, the Arab side

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