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the Negev with Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. During the inauguration of a synagogue in Moshav Nevatim, east of Beersheba, he collapsed and all attempts to save him had failed.
On the following morning, his coffin was placed in the courtyard of the National Institutions Building only for one hour. During this hour, employees of the National Institutions Building and a limited crowd from the outside passed before the coffin. Afterwards, the coffin was moved to the large square in front of Binyenei HaUma, where a full state ceremony was held before the coffin was sent to Kfar Saba for burial.
A year later, at the end of 1976, Eliyahu Dobkin, who had been the Head of the Absorption Department of the Jewish Agency for many years and had been called the "Minister of Aliya for the nascent state," had passed away. The funeral procession for Dobkin, who filled a series of positions in the National Institutions Building in its early years (after the establishment of the state – Head of the Organization Department of the Jewish Agency, the Head of the Youth and Pioneering Department and Chairman of Keren Hayesod), began in the square in front of the National Institutions Building and was attended by family members, the Chairman of the World Zionist Organization and the Zionist Executive Yosef Almogi, Speaker of the Knesset Yisrael Yeshayahu, Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek, Aliya and "illegal immigration" activists – yet another area for which the deceased was responsible for.
Since then, to the best of my knowledge, no other mass funeral processions were held that stopped at the courtyard of the National Institutions Building and the masses have not flowed to the "National Square" again.
"The Flag Holiday"
"The Teachers' Council for KKL-JNF" was established in the Twenties in order to assist the national fund in fundraising in the schools in Eretz Yisrael while simultaneously assisting the schools in preparing curriculum that emphasize national issues such as redemption of lands, forestation and development of remote areas. All of this activity was done entirely voluntarily.
One of the associations' best-known enterprises were the "Flag Holiday" that was celebrated every year in the courtyard of the National Institutions Building in Jerusalem. Schools in all over the land would compete between them every year who would contribute more money to KKL-JNF, via the Blue Box. The best school was invited to receive the "Flag of Jerusalem" for its activities, during the Sukkot Holiday.
These ceremonies were held since 1933 and drew hundreds, if not thousands, of school children from Israel in general and from Jerusalem in particular. The newspapers would compete with one another in their enthusiastic description of the ceremonies. For example, here is a snippet from "Haaretz" Newspaper in 1935:

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