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    During World War II, tens of thousands of the Yishuv's people volunteered to the British Army. The draft offices of the Jewish Agency operated alongside the draft offices of the Mandate Government
Following developments that occurred due to the Six Day War of 1967 and displays of solidarity of the diaspora Jews with the State of Israel, it was decided to expand the framework of the Jewish Agency. In August 1970, an agreement to alter the agency's structure was signed in Jerusalem, following which the World Zionist Organization was separated from the Jewish Agency. Following the separation, the government signed two covenants – One with the Jewish Agency and the other with the World Zionist Organization.
The signing of the new covenant with the Jewish Agency was only done in 1979 and it entered into effect retroactively from March 21, 1971. In comparison with the law from 1952, the following issues were added to the Jewish Agency's duties: Provision of health services to Olim as part of their absorption; A broader definition of the aid to cultural and scientific institutions: maintenance of and support for institutions of education, science, religion and sports and institutions for the provision of social services; support for institutions of higher education and research institutions; treatment of the elderly, individuals of limited competence, handicapped and other poor people; and more.
The Jewish Agency is an institution that spans the globe. It is a global partnership between three different entities: The World Zionist Organizations (which comprises 50% of its executive

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