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bodies), the United Israel Appeal (UIA) and the United Jewish Communities (UJC) – 30%, and Keren Hayesod – 20%. The executive bodies of the Jewish Agency – the Assembly, the Board of Governors and the Executive – include members from each of the organizations that comprise it. This broad representation ensures that Jews throughout the world make decisions collectively on the Agency's work plan in coordination with the Government of Israel.
Many of the Jewish Agency's actions are done cooperatively with entities in Israel and abroad, including government offices in Israel, foreign governments, non-governmental international bodies, local and regional councils in Israel, organizations of volunteers in Israel and abroad, philanthropic funds, institutions of higher education and individuals in the private sector.
The executive bodies of the Jewish Agency are the Assembly, the Board of Governors and the Executive. Each one of them is comprised of representatives of the three aforementioned bodies, according to their ratios, respectively: 50%, 30% and 20%. The Assembly convenes at least once every two years, and its duties include establishing the policy of the Jewish Agency for the coming years, receiving reports from the Board of Governors and the Executive and appointing committees for the appointment of senior officials in the organization.
The Board of Governors convenes at least three times per year, and it is the central body for establishing the policy of the Jewish Agency. Its powers include: Establishing and changing the number of departments in the Agency and their areas of responsibility; Appointment of a standing committee for budget and finances; approval of the annual budget; election of members of the Executive and an auditor. The Chairperson of the Board of Governors is also a member of the Executive.
The Executive of the Jewish Agency is comprised of 24 members elected by the Board of Governors. The Executive is responsible for management of the ongoing operations, and it executes the decisions of the Assembly and the Board of Governors.
The actions of the Jewish Agency over the years, and until today, are influenced by the needs of the State of Israel and the Jewish communities around the world. Its vision boils down to the following brief words: To ensure that every Jew, wherever he may be, is part of the greater Jewish story by way of his connection to other Jews and to the State of Israel. The Jewish Agency views its primary mission as connecting Jews to one another and to the State of Israel. For ninety year now, the Agency has operated in various and diverse ways. It was a key factor in the establishment of the State of Israel, and has continued since its inception to assist it and connect it to Jewish communities throughout the world. It views as its duty the introduction of Israel to Jews of the diaspora, and introducing the Jews in Israel to the Jewish communities in the world.
The Jewish Agency contributes greatly to maintaining and developing the Jewish communities on five continents – by strengthening the Jewish education, culture and identity. In Israel, it assists in a series of actions, including the strengthening of underprivileged populations and encouraging

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