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and includes full support of the Olim from the moment they show interest in Aliya and until the end of their acclimation period in Israel. Thus, since its establishment in 1929, the Jewish Agency has assisted more than three and a half million Jews from eighty countries to make Aliya. Every year, tens of thousands of people participate in various events in preparation for their Aliya to Israel and they are accompanied by a global customer service center, which is available for inquiries at all hours of the day and which provides service for over 176 thousand telephone and online inquiries a year. The Jewish Agency absorbs over 30 thousand Olim per year and offers them about forty programs in the field of training and professional placement and in learning Hebrew in order to assist in their optimal absorption into Israeli society.
Additional activity focuses upon ensuring the safety of Jewish communities around the world. The Jewish Agency works in full cooperation with the Government of Israel, Jewish communities, civil society organizations, international organizations and governments around the world for the purpose of developing local and global solutions to various instances of antisemitism and Israel hatred everywhere. The Agency also works to ensure the physical security of Jewish communities at risk via the operation of a designated security fund. Since the establishment of the fund in 2012, it has allocated 13 million dollars to the physical security of 600 communities and organizations in sixty countries.
The Jewish Agency׳s second area of focus is connecting the Jews of the world to one another and to Israel. The Agency has served and continues to serve as a bridge that connects a variety of identities, needs, positions and denominations of the Jewish people around “Ahavat Israel”(Love of Israel) and the centrality of the Jewish State. It does this through precise strategies that focus upon creating a personal, face-to-face encounter between Jewish and Israeli youth from all around the world, expanding knowledge about Israel and participation in an educational experience in Israel. The partnership platform of the Agency connects dozens of communities in Israel and around the world and involves hundred of thousands of volunteers and participants in encounter programs and a dialogue between them. Participating in these programs are 30 thousand students and 1,800 teachers in 700 schools in Israel and abroad, who regularly communicate with one another within the framework of a school program. In addition, more than 1,600 Israeli youth undergo training in Jewish camps abroad and more than 400 emissaries in long-term programs travel every year to Jewish communities around the world and bring the word of Israel to the camps, campuses, youth movement, centers and institutions of the community.
The guiding strategy of the mission is bilateral: The experience of the mission exposes those emissaries to Jewish life outside of Israel and upon their return to Israeli society, many of them choose to continue their mission by bringing the voice and experience of the diaspora Jewry to Israel. As part of the experiential platform in Israel, over 70 thousand young Jews from all around the world arrive in Israel every year and take part in a transformative educational experience that last between ten days and a whole year.

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