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   In 2008, the Jewish Agency received the Israel Prize for its unique contribution to society and the country
the global Jewish table that gathers around it the spectrum of voices among the Jewish People, which reflects the various needs of the Jewish communities in the diaspora to the policy makers in Israel and to Israeli society as a whole.
The work focuses upon exposing the policy makers to the unique needs and challenges the world Jewry faces in order for these to be taken into account in legislative and policy making processes. In light of this, the “Lobby for Strengthening the Jewish World” was established upon the initiative of the Jewish Agency. This is the largest lobby in the Knesset and it brings together 45 members of both the opposition and the coalition. Every year, dozens of Members of the Knesset visit the communities in the diaspora as part of the Jewish Agency’s delegations and directly experience the reality of life
in the Jewish communities outside of Israel. The lobby regularly brings together Members of the Knesset with the leadership of the Jewish People in Israel and abroad and serve as the liaising entity between the Israeli Knesset and the Jewish communities of the world. Moreover, through a wide variety of educational and social programs, the Agency enables Jewish communities from around the world to be actively involved in shaping Israeli society.
This involvement leverages the strength of collective action towards formulating a systematic and broad solution to the challenges faced by Israeli society. With the assistance of the Jewish communities in the diaspora, the Jewish Agency has developed groundbreaking programs over the years that provide a solution for disadvantaged populations in Israeli society. As part of this activity, the Jewish Agency provides aid to 12 thousand children and their families in 160 elementary schools spread across 36 localities throughout Israel. The Jewish Agency further operates forty youth centers and over 4,000 teenagers come to them every year for informal activities. In addition, the Jewish Agency assists over 600 teenagers from the outlying areas in order to prepare them for their service in the IDF within the framework of 15 pre-military preparatory schools spread throughout Israel.
The Agency also assists the Jewish communities to express their solidarity with Israeli society via the operation of a special fund that provides widespread assistance to families who are victims of terrorism. The success of the Jewish Agency is made possible thanks to a firm partnership with its three partners – The World Zionist Organization, Keren Hayesod and the United Jewish Communities of North America. With their assistance and through joint work with them, the Jewish Agency has developed a variety of specializations and capabilities, which grant it a unique infrastructure for dealing with the global challenges that are on
the agenda.

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