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   A memorial ceremony for the fallen of Israel's wars and victims of terrorist acts is held every year in the square in front of the National Institutions Building
About 80 thousand youths around the world choose to deepen their knowledge on Israel as part of the various plans of the Jewish Agency. There are plans operated in Schools, such as “Hefziba“ in the former Soviet republics, in which over 11 thousand students participate in a study program on Israel. Others participate in a Grassroots initiative in Germany, in which close to 3,000 students initiate innovative projects on Israel. The Agency’s work in this area also focuses upon connecting the Israeli public with its brothers and sisters in the diaspora, to strengthen its familiarity with the variety of expressions of Jewish life in the communities and strengthen its link with and commitment to the Jewish people. Through a network of cooperative ventures with educational entities in Israel, including the Ministry of Education, youth movements and organizations and pre-military preparatory schools, the Agency’s programs reach over a million Israeli youths, and they are exposed through them to the lives and beliefs of Jews outside of Israel. To all these we must add the “Tikkun Olam” programs – providing the assistance of youths from Israel and the diaspora to third world countries.
The third area of focus is the representation of the voices of the Jewish People and its impact upon Israeli society. As it enjoys a unique status established by law and by covenant with the State of Israel, one of the most significant missions of the Jewish Agency is to serve as

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