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 Yehoshua Salant (1890-1980)
Yehoshua Salant, an architect who was born in the Old City of Jerusalem. He studied in Switzerland and upon returning to the Land of Israel he worked in the Public Works Department of the Mandate Government. He planned many houses in Jerusalem, including Valero House in Rehavia, which housed the office of the Israeli Presidents Yitzhak Ben-Zvi and Zalman Shazar, additional houses in Rehavia, Ben Yehuda Street, Strauss Street and more. He also planned the Kiryat Shmuel Neighborhood in the city. The renowned architect and city planner Patrick Geddes recruited him as a partner for the planning of a new Jewish neighborhood in Tiberias, and both were also involved in erecting the Elizabeth Hotel in the city.
Yohanan (Hans) Sobelsohn, who sometimes spelled his name Zobelson, was a Haifa architect who made Aliya in 1926 from Vienna, where he graduated the Superior School of Architecture. He worked continuously until 1937 and then closed his firm and joined the Public Works Department of the Mandate Government.
Among other buildings, Sobelsohn planned the office building of the Iraqi Petroleum Company (IPC) in Haifa, the Mushli houses in Merkaz HaCarmel, and the most famous "Villa Migdal" – a three-story building in Hadar HaCarmel in which resided Moshe Glikin, the founder and manager of the Migdal Farm on the shores of the Kinneret lake. Eventually, the building housed a hotel that was also called "Villa Migdal".
Yehoshua Steinbok-Shani, a native of Poland, which had then been part of Czarist Russia, studied architecture in Danzig and made Aliya in 1925. At first, he worked as a construction worker, and was later hired by the architectural firm of Benjamin Chaikin in Jerusalem (1927-1932). He planned many residential houses in Tel Aviv, with his greatest achievement being awarded first prize in the competition for planning the Anglo-Palestine Bank (currently, Bank Leumi) building on Herzl Street in Tel Aviv in 1931. The "Davar" Newspaper noted that "the first prize was awarded to a young and little-known architect" and added, not without pride: "Y. Steinbok made aliya as a common worker."
Steinbok later planned additional buildings of the Anglo-Palestine Bank's branches. He also wrote architectural literature, and edited the architectural journal "The Building in the Near East" in the Thirties.
    Yohanan (Hans) Sobelsohn (1890-1961)
    Yehoshua Steinbok-Shani (1901-1956)

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