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 Yehezkel Zohar (1901-1960)
Yehezkel Zohar was born in Yugoslavia, which was within the Autro- Hungarian Empire at the time, and studied in the Superior Technology School in Stuttgart, Germany. Made Aliya in 1925 and joined Benjamin Orell, with whom he operated jointly in the years 1926-1942. Most of the structures they planned were in Haifa, including among others, the Alliance High School, Rozenfeld House, and a residential house on Pinhas platform in Bat Galim, where they combined the use of glass tiles and designed a roof resembling the deck of a ship – as befitting the house of a shipping agent. They also operated outside of this city, including in the colonies. The power plant in Naharayim was planned in 1928 to a large degree according to Zohar and Orell's planning, and was the crowning achievement in the electrification plan for the Land of Israel.

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