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 Leon Vamush (1895-1970)
Leon Vamush was born in Budapest, Hungary, studied in the Superior Technology School in Budapest and graduated as an engineer-architect and as an appraiser. He made Aliya in 1920. He was appointed as Chief Engineer of the Zionist Executive (the predecessor of the Jewish Agency) in the North of the Land of Israel, frequently planning in the agricultural settlements in the north: Cowsheds and dining halls in kibbutzim, institution buildings in the Moshavim and colonies.
In 1929, he opened an independent firm in Haifa. He planned houses and structures on his own as well as with others, including Baerwald, Eliezer Donath and Orell. The structures he planned include the Olim House in Bat Galim and the commercial center on Herzl Street in Hadar HaCarmel. In the Sixties, he performed the parcellation of the Denia Neighborhood on
the Carmel.
Eliezer Yellin was one of the most famous of Jerusalem's architects For years. He was the firstborn son of David Yellin, one of the leaders of the Yishuv in the early 20th Century. He studied architecture in Germany. During World War I, he served as an engineering officer in the Turkish Army, where he met Wilhelm Hecker and the two formed a partnership in Jerusalem in 1920. Their architectural firm dealt with planning of houses and neighborhoods, engineering performance and building appraisal. Among other buildings, the two planned the Teachers' Seminar Building in Beit Hakerem, were responsible for the erection of the first houses in the Herzliya Colony, and built many houses in the Kiryat Moshe and Rehavia Neighborhoods in Jerusalem. Yellin built the first house in the Rehavia Neighborhood for his family (1924), Judge Gad Frumkin's "Havatzelet House" (named for the newspaper edited by his father, 1924-1925) and the Ruppin House (1925). Together with Hecker and Kuczynski, he planned the extension of the Rehavia Neighborhood – Rehavia Bet, Gimel and Dalet. Hecker-Yellin were the engineers and the executors of the construction works of the National Institutions Building. Yellin filled numerous public positions within and outside of Jerusalem.
    Eliezer Yellin (1888-1945)

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